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Culinary Herbs

Welcome to Earthfare's culinary herb kitchen! Here you will find our extensive range of traditional and not so traditional seasoning herbs. From the more traditional Basil, Coriander, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Oregano, Herbes de Provence, Mixed Herbs and others to the less familiar Pimento, Arrowroot, Asafoetida, Plaintain, China Spice, Cubebs and more. All you need, right here!
Arrowroot Powder Organic
Organic Arrowroot Powder from Earthfare 40g - for thickening soups, sauces, jellies and syrups
Basil Organic 40g
Organic Basil from Earthfare 40g - essential Mediterranean herb that adds life to any dish
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Bay Leaves Organic 10g
Organic Bay Leaves from Earthfare 10g - traditional flavouring for stews and casseroles
Bouquet Garni Organic 40g
Organic Bouquet Garni from Earthfare 40g - add to soups, casseroles, stocks and sauces
Coriander (Fresh) Organic 40g
Organic Coriander Leaves from Earthfare 40g - one of the premier traditional curry spices
Dill Organic 40g
Organic Dill Herb from Earthfare 40g - a strongly flavoured spice used in soups, curries and pickling
Gotu Kola Organic 50g
Organic Gotu Kola from Earthfare 50g - used in Sri Lankan cuisine and also in herbal medicine
Italian Seasoning (Pizza Herb Mix) 50g
Italian Seasoning (Pizza Herb Mix) from Earthfare 50g - a tasty mix of herbs traditionally used on pizza
Lemon Verbena Organic 50g
Organic Lemon Verbena from Earthfare 50g - delightful herbal tea, also great in cooking or on salads
Lemongrass Organic 40g
Organic Lemongrass from Earthfare 40g - a key ingredient in Thai and Far Eastern cuisine
Liquorice Powder 50g
Liquorice Root Powder from Earthfare 50g - used both for its flavour and its medicinal properties
Marjoram Organic 40g
Organic Marjoram from Earthfare 40g - similar to Oregano, adds great flavour to many traditional dishes
Mint (Spearmint) Organic 75g
Organic Mint (Spearmint) from Earthfare 75g - traditionally used in both culinary and medicinal ways
Mixed Herbs 35g
Mixed Herbs from Earthfare 35g - a traditional blend of herbs for both culinary use and making herbal tea
Mixed Herbs Organic 75g
Organic Mixed Herbs from Earthfare 75g - traditional blend of herbs for culinary use and making herb tea
Nettle Leaf 75g
Wild Harvested Nettle Leaf from Earthfare 75g - makes a healthy herb tea and a tasty nettle soup
Nettle Leaf Organic 75g
Organic Nettle Leaf from Earthfare 75g - makes a flavoursome herb tea and a tasty nettle soup
Oregano Organic 30g
Organic Oregano from Earthfare 30g - one of the classic Mediterranean herbs
Parsley Organic 30g
Organic Parsley from Earthfare 30g - used widely as a culinary herb and also used medicinally
Plantain Organic 50g
Organic Plantain from Earthfare 50g - edible garden herb widely used in herbal medicine
Rosemary Organic 40g
Organic Rosemary from Earthfare 40g - Mediterranean herb with many culinary and medicinal uses
Sage Organic 40g
Organic Sage from Earthfare 40g - an aromatic culinary herb also used in Chinese & herbal medicine
Turmeric 75g
Turmeric from Earthfare 75g - traditional spice in Indian cuisine and used in Ayurvedic medicine
Turmeric Organic 75g
Organic Turmeric from Earthfare 75g - traditional spice in Indian cuisine and Ayurvedic medicine