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Herbs & Herb Teas

On this page you will find our certified organic or wild crafted and wild harvested range of magical and medicinal herbs and herb teas. All our herbs are widely used in folk lore and Chinese and herbal medicine - from the more familiar chamomile, peppermint, dandelion, lemon verbena, liquorice and others to the perhaps less known but equally magical coltsfoot, hyssop, horsetail, lungwort, meadowsweet, milk thistle, pau d'arco, skullcap and more. In other words, all you need to make your own witch's brew right here!
Agnus Castus Organic
Organic Agnus Castus from Earthfare 50g - Mediterranean shrub used in herbal medicine
Basil Organic 40g
Organic Basil from Earthfare 40g - essential Mediterranean herb that adds life to any dish
£0.99 £1.50
Bay Leaves Organic 10g
Organic Bay Leaves from Earthfare 10g - traditional flavouring for stews and casseroles
Boneset from Earthfare 50g - common herb widely used in magical and herbal medicine
Bouquet Garni Organic 40g
Organic Bouquet Garni from Earthfare 40g - add to soups, casseroles, stocks and sauces
Brahmi Powder 125g
Pure Brahmi Powder Powder from Earthfare 125g - used traditionally in Ayurvedic medicine
Burdock Root Organic 75g
Organic Burdock Root from Earthfare 75g - a root vegetable in Asia and medicinal herb in folk lore
Catnip 50g
Catnip from Earthfare 50g - crazy for cats but also with a history of medicinal uses for humans
Cat's Claw
Cat's Claw from Earthfare 50g - Amazonian vine used widely in magical and herbal medicine
Chamomile Flowers
Chamomile Tea from Earthfare 75g - our fragrant Chamomile will help soothe away the cares of the day
Chamomile Organic
Organic Chamomile Tea from Earthfare 75g - helps soothe away the cares of the day
£2.80 £3.06
Cleavers Organic
Organic Cleavers from Earthfare 50g - herbaceous plant widely used in magical and herbal medicine
Coltsfoot Organic
Organic Coltsfoot from Earthfare 50g - used traditionally as a cough suppressant for centuries
Organic Comfrey Leaf from Earthfare 50g - traditionally known as knitbone, external use only
Comfrey Root
Comfrey Root from Earthfare 100g - traditionally known as knitbone, for external use only
Coriander (Fresh) Organic 40g
Organic Coriander Leaves from Earthfare 40g - one of the premier traditional curry spices
Corn Silk
Corn Silk from Earthfare 75g - nutritional and medicinal, and traditionally considered a diuretic
Damiana Leaf Organic
Organic Damiana Leaf from Earthfare 50g - small aromatic shrub widely used in herbal medicine
Dandelion Leaf Wild Crafted
Wild Crafted Dandelion Leaf from Earthfare 50g - used for centuries as a detoxifier and natural diuretic
Dandelion Root Organic
Organic Dandelion Root from Earthfare 75g - used for centuries as a detoxifier and natural diuretic
Devil's Claw Organic
Organic Devil's Claw Root Slices from Earthfare 50g - widely used in tradiitonal and herbal medicine
Dill Organic 40g
Organic Dill Herb from Earthfare 40g - a strongly flavoured spice used in soups, curries and pickling
Echinacea Purpurea Leaf Organic
Organic Echinacea Purpurea Leaf from Earthfare 50g - traditionally said to help ward off colds and flu
Eco Reishi Mushroom Slices
Eco Reishi Mushroom Slices from Earthfare 50g - long venerated in traditional Chinese medicine
Elderberries Organic 75g
Organic Elderberries from Earthfare 75g - for a soothing herbal tea or a delicious natural wine
Elderflowers Organic 75g
Organic Elderflowers from Earthfare 75g - makes a soothing herbal tea or delicious natural wine
Eyebright from Earthfare 50g - traditionally used to treat seasonal colds and allergies
Fennel Seeds Organic
Organic Fennel Seeds from Earthfare 50g - great to flavour any dish or as an after-meal tea
£0.99 £1.50
Feverfew Organic
Organic Feverfew from Earthfare 50g - medicinal herb used traditionally for migraine headaches
Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Organic
Organic Ginkgo Biloba from Earthfare 50g - traditionally regarded for its medicinal qualities

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