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Homemade Goodies

Finally! You found your way through to our highly secret homemade goodies page! And now you are here you may as well indulge yourself in our scrummy in-store baked slices, cookies, brownies and flapjacks, all made with organic and natural ingredients, even our double-chocolate flapjack and chocolate coconut cherry brownie. All natural and full of goodness. And of course, they taste even better than they look! Go on, treat yourself...
Earthfare Almond and Apricot Slice
Home-baked Organic Almond & Apricot Slice from Earthfare - brimming with yumminess!
Earthfare Carob Chip and Hazelnut Cookies
Home-baked Hazelnut & Carob Chip Cookies from Earthfare - 2 x delicious handmade cookies
Earthfare Chocolate and Cardamom Hemp Flapjack
Home-baked Chocolate, Cardamom & Hemp Flapjack from Earthfare - handmade with love
Earthfare Chocolate Brownie
Home-baked Chocolate Brownie from Earthfare - a delight for the tastebuds, made with love
Earthfare Chocolate Coconut Cherry Brownie
Home-baked Chocolate, Coconut & Cherry Brownie from Earthfare - utter organic deliciousness!
Earthfare Double Chocolate Flapjack
Home-baked Double Chocolate Flapjack from Earthfare - so chocolatey you can't put it down!
Earthfare Dundee Cake with Cranberry & Apricot
Home-baked Cranberry & Apricot Dundee Cake from Earthfare - gluten free and utterly delicious!
Earthfare Hemp and Seed Flapjack
Home-baked Hemp and Seed Flapjack from Earthfare - made with love and deliciousness
Earthfare Naughty Nutty Flapjack
Home-baked Naughty Nutty Flapjack from Earthfare - bursting with a chorus of scrunchy nuts
Earthfare Oatmeal & Raisin Cookies
Home-baked Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies from Earthfare - 2 x delicious home-baked cookies
Earthfare Raspberry and Stem Ginger Flapjack
Home-baked Raspberry and Stem Ginger Flapjack from Earthfare - made with oodles of love
Earthfare Vegan Chocolate Brownie
Home-baked Vegan Chocolate Brownie from Earthfare - divine, yummy, gluten and dairy free