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Here you will find our selected range of Lifeplan Optimum Strength Lutein, Sea Kelp, Slippery Elm and Zinc Citrate. Our Lifeplan Lutein Capsules are specifically designed to help maintain good eye health and alleviate age-related macular degeneration, while our Lifeplan Zinc Citrate Tablets are designed to help immunity and bone health when taken as a dietary supplement. All Lifeplan supplements are rigorously tested and trialled.
Lifeplan Lutein 15mg
Lifeplan Lutein 15mg Capsules from Earthfare (60 Caps) - may help to maintain good eye health
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Lifeplan Sea Kelp 400mg
Lifeplan Sea Kelp 400mg Tablets from Earthfare (280 Tabs) - made using finest quality wild sea kelp
Lifeplan Slippery Elm 230mg
Lifeplan Slippery Elm 230mg Capsules from Earthfare (60 Caps) - slippery Elm Powder in capsules
Lifeplan Zinc Citrate 15mg
Lifeplan Zinc Citrate 15mg Tablets from Earthfare (90 Tabs) - for immunity and bone health