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Choose from our giveaway range of natural, organic and fairly-traded special offers...

Barely a week goes by when we don’t have a hatful of bargains and special offers for you to take wanton advantage of – from the mega deals on our wholefoods and superfoods to the offers on our drinks, supplements and incense, as well as the humungus price reductions on our body care and household products. In fact, as you can see, our special offers are right across the board. So please feel free to take advantage of us right now ... while you can!
Acerola Extract 50g
Extract of Acerola Berry from Earthfare 50g - this superfruit extract contains 18% Vitamin C
£6.89 £8.75
Ainsworths Arnica 200C
Ainsworths Arnica 200C from Earthfare 14g - used for bruising, trauma and shock after injury
£7.49 £8.75
Alfalfa Seeds
Infinity Foods Alfalfa Seeds from Earthfare - pure unprocessed organic alfalfa seeds
£1.69 £1.89
Allspice (Pimento) Whole Organic
Organic Whole Allspice (Pimento) from Earthfare 40g - used in mulled wines and West Indian cuisine
£1.55 £1.97
Anna Chopped Tomatoes Organic
Anna Organic Chopped Tomatoes from Earthfare 400g - organic chopped tomatoes, nothing added
£0.55 £0.65
Anna Peeled Tomatoes Organic
Anna Organic Peeled Tomatoes from Earthfare 400g - organic peeled tomatoes, nothing added
£0.55 £0.65
Apricots (No Sulphur)
Sulphite Free Dried Apricots from Earthfare - As nature intended, full of flavour, without sulphur dioxide
£2.29 £3.35
Baobab Powder Organic 100g
Pure Organic Baobab Powder from Earthfare 100g - this superfruit is high in antioxidants and Vitamin C
£6.80 £8.79
Basil Organic 40g
Organic Basil from Earthfare 40g - essential Mediterranean herb that adds life to any dish
£0.99 £1.50
Biona Pressed Apple Juice Organic
Biona Organic Pressed Apple Juice from Earthfare 1ltr - organic cloudy apple juice with all the bits
£2.99 £3.19
Biona Sauerkraut Organic 680g
Organic Demeter Sauerkraut from Earthfare 680g - with demeter white cabbage and juniper berries
£2.09 £2.29
Black Quinoa Organic 450g
Infinity Foods Organic Black Quinoa from Earthfare 450g - certified organic black quinoa grain
£3.99 £4.30
Black Rice Organic 500g
Infinity Foods Black Rice from Earthfare 500g - certified organic black rice high in antioxidants
£3.35 £3.59
Cacao Nibs Raw Organic
Soil Association Certified Raw Organic Cacao Nibs from Earthfare - ethically and organically grown
£1.69 £2.05
Cardamom (Ground) Organic 40g
Organic Ground Cardamom from Earthfare 40g - Aromatic spice commonly used in Asian cuisine
£2.05 £3.60
Carley's Organic Raw Sunflower Seed Butter 250g
Carley's Organic Raw Sunflower Seed Butter from Earthfare 250g - from whole organic sunflower seeds
£2.65 £3.65
Cayenne Pepper Organic
Organic Cayenne Pepper from Earthfare 40g - a hot spice made from ground chillies, organic
£1.15 £1.45
Chamomile Organic
Organic Chamomile Tea from Earthfare 75g - helps soothe away the cares of the day
£2.80 £3.06
Chia Seeds Organic
Organic Chia Seeds from Earthfare 350g - known as the superfood of the Aztecs & Mayans
£2.55 £3.50
Chlorella Powder Organic 100g
Pure Organic Chlorella Powder from Earthfare 100g - rich in carotenoids and chlorophyll
£5.29 £8.63
Chlorella Tablets Organic 250 Tabs
Pure Organic Chlorella Tablets from Earthfare - Rich in protein, carotenoids, enzymes, chlorophyll
£6.85 £9.85
Cinnamon Quills Organic
3 x Organic Cinnamon Quills from Earthfare - traditional ingredient in mulled wine, also in fragrant rice
£0.99 £1.77
Clearspring Agar Flakes
Clearspring Agar Flakes from Earthfare 28g - a high quality vegetarian alternative to gelatine
£4.99 £5.89
Clearspring Arame Sea Veg
Clearspring Arame Sea Veg from Earthfare 50g - makes an attractive addition to colourful salads
£4.49 £5.99
Clearspring Sunflower Oil Organic
Clearspring Organic Sunflower Oil from Earthfare 1ltr - golden yellow with a distinct, nutty flavour
£5.99 £6.79
Clearspring Sushi Nori
Clearspring Sushi Nori Seaweed from Earthfare 17g - great on its own or for wrapping sushi
£2.99 £3.59
Clearspring Toasted Nori Strips
Clearspring Natural Toasted Nori Strips from Earthfare 13.5g - great on their own or to wrap sushi
£2.99 £3.69
Clearspring Wasabi
Clearspring Wasabi from Earthfare 25g - a hot and stimulating Japanese seasoning paste
£3.79 £4.29
Cloves (Ground) Organic
Organic Ground Cloves from Earthfare 40g - versatile spice and renowned partner to cooked apples
£1.73 £2.03
Coconut Merchant Coconut & Cacao Spread
Coconut Merchant Coconut & Cacao Spread from Earthfare 330g - organic coconut jam with a twist
£4.49 £5.49

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