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Welcome to our special page containing our Optibac probiotics, one for everyday use, the other especially designed for travelling abroad. The everyday product is a specially designed extra strength version containing 20 billion live microorganisms per capsule, with 5 strains, including the well-researched L. acidophilus NCFM®, while the second product is an expert formula of friendly bacteria including L. acidophilus and S. boulardii, developed for your digestive health and immunity whilst abroad.

Optibac Probiotics for Everyday EXTRA STRENGTH
Optibac Probiotics EXTRA STRENGTH from Earthfare (30 Caps) - 20 billion live microorganisms
Optibac Probiotics for Travelling Abroad
Optibac Probiotics for Travelling Abroad from Earthfare (20 Caps) - contains 4 strains of live cultures