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As you will see below, our range of Quest 'nutraceuticals' includes biotix for adults and kids, including Quest Mega 8 Biotix with 8 strains of lactobacilli bacteria, and Quest TumBiotix, containing 2 billion l-plantarum and l-acidophilus bacteria per capsule. We also carry Quest Super Once A Day Multivitamin and Multimineral and one or two other helpful supplements from this high-quality brand.

Quest Acidophilus Plus
Quest Acidophilus Plus from Earthfare (90 Caps) - supports good digestive, gut and immune health
Quest Amino Complex 500mg
Quest Amino Complex 500mg from Earthfare (45 Tabs) - provides a blend of eighteen amino acids
Quest Beta Carotene 15mg
Quest Beta Carotene 15mg from Earthfare (30 Tabs) - vitamin A with potent antioxidant activity
Quest Immune Biotix
Quest Immune System Biotix from Earthfare (30 Caps) - helps normal function of immune system
Quest InfaBiotix
Quest InfaBiotix from Earthfare (30 Caps) - liquid probiotic food supplement for infants and children
Quest Kidz Biotix
Quest Kidz Biotix from Earthfare (30 Caps) - children's chewable probiotic, suitable from age 3
Quest Kyolic Garlic 600mg
Quest Kyolic Garlic 600mg from Earthfare - SPECIAL OFFER: 90 tablets for the price of 60!
Quest L-Lysine 500mg
Quest L-Lysine 500mg from Earthfare (60 Tabs) - 500mg of the essential amino acid l-lysine
Quest Mega 8 Biotix
Quest Mega 8 Biotix from Earthfare (30 Caps) - contains 8 strains of lactobacilli bacteria
Quest Saw Palmetto 36mg
Quest Saw Palmetto 36mg from Earthfare (90 Tabs) - contributes to normal prostate health
Quest Sea Buckthorn Oil
Quest Sea Buckthorn Oil from Earthfare (90 Tabs) - SPECIAL OFFER: 90 Tabs for the price of 60!
Quest Super Once A Day Multivitamin & Mineral
Quest Super Once A Day Multi from Earthfare (90 Tabs) - everyday supplement for optimal well-being
Quest Synergistic Selenium 200mcg
Quest Synergistic Selenium 200mcg from Earthfare (90 Tabs) - SPECIAL OFFER: 90 Tabs for the price of 60!
Quest Synergistic Zinc 15mg
Quest Synergistic Zinc 15mg from Earthfare (30 Tabs) - supports immunity, fertility, hair, nails, skin
Quest TumBiotix
Quest TumBiotix from Earthfare (30 Caps) - 2 billion l-plantarum and l-acidophilus bacteria per capsule
Quest Ubiquinol Qu10 100mg
Quest Ubiquinol Qu10 100mg from Earthfare (30 Caps) - recommended as a co-prescription with statins
Quest Vitamin B12 500iug
Quest Vitamin B12 500iug from Earthfare (60 Tabs) - contributes to red blood cell formation