Camu Camu

Camu Camu

Camu Camu: Latin name: (Genus) Myrciaria; (Species) M. dubia.

Also known as Cacari, Camu camu is a small tree native to the Amazonian rainforests of Brazil and Peru.

The tree’s small, purple-red, cherry-like berries are packed with Vitamic C and phytochemicals, as well as being rich in antioxidants.

Indeed, the big noise with Camu camu is its extraordinarily high Vitamin C content.

But it also contains a number of other goodies, including a stack of amino acids, while its phytochemical content includes significant levels of beta carotene, calcium, iron, niacin, phosphorus, riboflavin and thiamine.

Medicinally Camu camu is said to significantly boost the immune system, as well as offer a number of other health benefits via its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiviral and emollient properties.

This extraordinary superfruit is also said to be an astringent, and as such may be used to help remedy sore throats, diarrhoea and haemorrhaging, and to help prevent peptic ulcers.

And to complete the list of health benefits offered by this panacean powerhouse, Camu camu is also said to help improve eyesight and respiratory function.

Directions for use: Whizz up a teaspoon of Earthfare Organic Camu Camu Powder in a smoothie and enjoy! Can also be added to juice, desserts, ice cream or yoghurt.

For further information on the properties and benefits of Camu camu we suggest you consult a qualified nutritional or medical practitioner.