Clearspring Genmaicha Green Tea Organic (20 Bags)

Clearspring Organic Genmaicha Green Tea from Earthfare (20 Bags) - a delightfully nutty flavour and aroma
Clearspring Organic Genmaicha Green Tea

Clearspring Organic Genmaicha Green Tea from Earthfare (20 Bags).

Clearspring Organic Genmaicha is made with the finest green tea grown in the hills around Kyoto, famous for having the ideal climatic and soil conditions to produce some of the best quality teas in Japan.

The delightfully nutty flavour and aroma comes from the skillful preparation by Clearspring's expert tea producers.

Freshly harvested green tea leaves are steamed and rolled following the traditional Sencha process, then combined with roasted brown rice and packed directly on the tea estate to seal in the full flavour.

Ingredients: Green tea leaves* (50%), roasted brown rice* (50%).
*Organically grown

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