Go Coco Coconut Water 1ltr

Go Coco Coconut Water from Earthfare 500ml - 100% natural, zero fat, no cholesterol, no added sugar
Go Coco Coconut Water

Go Coco Coconut Water from Earthfare 1ltr - ONLY £3.49!

100% natural coconut water.

You won’t find a more natural or effective source of isotonic hydration than our gorgeous coconut water.

Go Coco contains zero fat, no cholesterol, no added sugar, and it's low in calories.

It’s just a revitalising, sweet tasting drink that provides 100% pure refreshment, naturally.

Not fat. No cholesterol. No added sugar. No added colours or flavourings.

Ingredients: pure coconut water (not from concentrate), ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).

Nutritional information - typical values per 100ml: energy 20.8 kcal, protein 0.32g, carbohydrates 5.16g (of which sugars 4.4g), fat 0g, fibre 0g, sodium 11.6mg, calcium 13.2mg, magnesium 8.4mg, potassium 223.2mg, vitamin C 0.8g.

Brand Go Coco
Code 160780
Condition New
Weight 1.1kg

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