Goldenrod is a fairly widespread herbaceous perennial. Though found mostly in North America, other species are known to populate Central and South America and Eurasia, as well as the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Goldenrod: Latin name: (Genus) Solidago; (Species) S. virgaurea or S. canadensis.

Traditionally Goldenrod has been used to treat kidney and urinary complaints, in particular kidney stones.

When consumed as a tea Goldenrod is also said to help cleanse the bladder and kidneys themselves, as well as help alleviate digestive problems.

In folk lore and herbal tradition, Goldenrod has also been used to treat fevers, snakebite, colic, colds, diarrhoea, measles, coughs and asthma, as well as arthritis and some allergies.

Externally many herbalists recommend Goldenrod in the form of a poultice to treat skin conditions such as eczema, as well as boils, burns, wounds, and sores.

Indeed, given the above, it’s easy to see why some herbalists regard Goldenrod as something of an all round tonic.

To make a tea: Use 1-2 teaspoons of Earthfare Organic Goldenrod to one cup of almost boiling water. Allow to brew for 10-15 minutes before drinking.

For further information on the properties and use of Goldenrod we suggest you consult a qualified herbal or medical practitioner.