Green Energy

Green Energy

Very proud to show off our Green Gas Certificate
  • 100% sustainable
  • Virtually carbon-neutral
  • No need for fossil fuels
  • No need for fracking
  • Supports the countryside and wildlife habitats
  • Supports sustainable food production
  • Supports a healthy sustainable planet

Our Green Gas

We are mighty proud to announce that our gas supply is sourced entirely from biodegradable materials!

Green gas – or Biomethane – is basically the same as fossil gas in that it shares all the same characteristics and specifications and works just as well. The only difference is that biomethane is produced from sustainable organic materials instead of fossils, and is therefore much friendlier to the environment.

How organic, biodegradable materials are processed to make green gas

Crops, grasses, landfill waste, animal waste, agricultural waste – all of these biodegradable materials can be used to make biomethane. And when we use biomethane instead of gas produced from fossils, the result is a sustainable and virtually carbon-neutral form of energy.

More info @ Crown Green Gas here…


Our 100% Renewable Electricity

Just like our gas supply, we are equally proud to announce that our electricity supply comes from entirely renewable sources – that’s 100%, compared to 33% UK average.

For the record, our renewable electricity supply is certified by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin certificates (REGOs).

Average UK Fuel Mix

Our Energy Fuel Mix