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Earthfare is naturally a fun, friendly and relaxed place to work—we might work hard, but we enjoy what we do and our customers appreciate the excellent service they receive from our knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Above all our staff need to be enthusiastic and flexible, and able to take on a new task at a moment’s notice (or even less!). So if you think you fit the bill and would like to work at Earthfare please take a look at the vacancies typically on offer and see if we have a job for you.

The types of work available, broadly, are:

Current Vacancies

*Instore Nutritional Advisor

*General Sales Assistant


Earthfare General Sales Assistant Job Description

Working as part of a team your role is to work with us to create an exceptional shopping experience for our customers.

Your duty will be to generally assist in the smooth running of the store and in providing customers with an efficient, courteous, friendly service.

Your Responsibilities and Duties will include:-

Assisted by your team leader you will prioritise your workload.

Replenishing and promoting product lines, ensuring correct stock rotation and that stock is front facing.

Maintaining displays, and correct signage and pricing.

Daily monitoring of all fresh, perishable goods, ensuring they are in a good condition and suitable for sale.

Keeping the shop looking great at all times, you will be required to clean and sanitise any area of the retail area as the need arises. You will also help to keep the store room and staff facilities clean and tidy.

To accurately pack, label and price merchandise and maintain accurate records of goods packed as required.

Respond to provide customers with information, answer customer queries and when advice is sought you will enlist specialist help from more experienced team members as required.

Answer telephone calls quickly, responding in a friendly, courteous manner at all times.

Assist in ensuring that customer waiting-time at the tills is kept to a minimum.

Work at the tills as a cashier, where you will ensure proper procedures are followedoperating the till, handling sales transactions, the sale of alcohol, the weighing and pricing of goods and use of PLUs.

You will be required to
carefully pack customer’s purchases, log customer special orders and retrieve their orders when requested.

Receive, check off deliveries, reconcile them with the delivery notes and invoices, deal with errors and returns and accept the deliveries onto the store computer. Ensure any errors are reported to the team leader and take responsibility to ensure they are communicated with the supplier as soon as possible.

Develop your knowledge of the stores EPOS system.

Develop your knowledge of the range of products within the store, through the reading of material provided in the staff room, reading trade magazines and literature, attending in-store training and participating in training courses in your own time as described below.

Ensure you remain aware of good health and safety procedures to protect yourself, your fellow colleagues and customers from hazards.

You will perform other duties as assigned by the Store Leadership.


Excellent communication skills and a willingness to work as part of a team; an ability to communicate with customers.

A desire to grow within the store team.

A desire to learn about natural and organic foods and products and an enthusiasm to grow your knowledge of the products carried in the store.

An ability to follow instructions and procedures

Effective time management skills.

Strong work ethic and integrity.

Ability to examine products for quality and freshness.

Ability to perform simple math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.)

Stand and walk for extended periods.

Ability to work for up to 8 hours per day.

Ability to work a variety of shifts including weekends and public holidays.

Bend and stoop to grasp objects and to climb ladders.

Bend and lift loads and pull carts with products loaded, acceptable for the position requirements unassisted.

Use of box cutters.


NOTE: To apply for the above vacancy please send your CV and a completed application form, which you can download by clicking on the link below.

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