Lanes Olbas Oil 10ml/28ml

Lanes Olbas Oil from Earthfare 10ml / 28ml - to help unblock even the stuffiest blocked nose

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Lanes Olbas Oil

Lanes Olbas Oil from Earthfare 10ml / 28ml.

Just a few drops on a handkerchief is all it takes to help unblock even the stuffiest blocked nose, thanks to Olbas powerful natural decongestant vapours.

For a really intense Olbas experience, put a few drops of Olbas Oil in a bowl of hot water, lean over it and cover your head with a towel. Its enough to clear even the most stubborn of blocked noses.

Note: Olbas Oil is suitable for adults and children as young as 3 months.

Brand Olbas
Code 33954
Condition New
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