Lowering The Miles-To-Mouth Ratio


There are lots of benefits in buying, selling and eating local food, not least because it tastes better!

It’s also the healthier option.

Peak Condition

Locally grown food is almost without exception picked when it is fully ripe, and the relatively short time it takes to get it from field to fork means it contains a peak level and concentration of nutrients when we eat it.

24 Hours

24 hours is a long time in the life of fruit and veg. Any longer than this and the nutrients start to diminish, both in quality and quantity.

Local Suppliers

Which is why we do our utmost, wherever possible, to source our produce from local suppliers.

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Close To Home

Staying close to home as possible is also of greater benefit to the community as well as the local economy. For one thing it supports local jobs, creating a feelgood factor within the community which can only be good for both physical and mental wellbeing.

Local Investment

It also means more local wealth, more reinvestment in local businesses and more support for local farmers and producers. You have to admit, it’s a win-win!

Carbon Footprint

Perhaps the biggest benefit in choosing local produce, in terms of the bigger picture, is the carbon factor. This is especially true today, when the balance of environment and industry is such a delicate one, and the need to reduce our carbon footprint is soooo essential.

Air Miles

Which brings us to the issue of air miles—not only the amount of miles between field and fork, but also the condition of the food on your plate!

Less Energy

Local produce is fresh when it’s picked, fresh when it arrives and fresh when it’s eaten … no refrigeration or excess packaging necessary; no chemical-ridden pesticides or preservatives needed; and no air miles all of which consume energy unnecessarily and at the same time have a negative impact on the condition of our food.


Simply put, the lower the miles-to-mouth ratio, the better it is for us and the planet. Once again, it’s a win-win!