Om Sandalwood Incense 100g

Om Sandalwood Incense - made with sustainable natural materials, hand rolled in India, Fairtrade

Om Sandalwood Incense

Om Sandalwood Incense from Earthfare 100g - ONLY £6.29!

Quality Fairtrade incense made using the finest natural resins, gums, wood powders and aromatic oils.

Om Sandalwood Incense is a cruelty free product made with sustainable natural materials, hand rolled in India.

  • Fair Trade
  • Slow burning, each 8" stick burns for 1 hour 
  • Natural honey based incense 
  • Made from 100% sustainable raw material 
  • Packaging made from recycled board 
  • Eco friendly biodegradable packaging

Directions for use: Light tip of incense stick and let it glow. Fan out the flame. Place incense stick in an incense holder.

Caution: Keep incense out of reach of children and pets. Keep burning incense away from flammable materials. Never leave burning incense unattended, and make sure ashes fall on a fireproof surface (ashtrays or incense burners). Do not ingest.

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Brand Om Nagchampa
Code 229456
Condition New
Weight 1.1kg

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