Why Organic Is Greener

As well as supporting the ‘Local’ supply chain, at Earthfare we also endeavour to support the ‘Organic’ supply chain – i.e. we endeavour to buy and sell only Organic products wherever possible. This for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, ‘Organic’ farming is more sustainable and far better for the environment. Also, due to the strict standards applied, not only is Organic food produced without the use of harmful pesticides and fertilisers, it is also traceable from farm to fork, so you are never in doubt about where your food has come from.

Organic food production is also far more energy-efficient and is, by its nature, kinder to the animals involved – it is always free range (if it’s not free range then it’s not Organic!) and the routine use of antibiotics and GM feed are strictly prohibited.

So far as the planet and wildlife habitats are concerned, there is only one way to go – and that’s Organic! For the preservation of our countryside, our bird and bee populations, the reduction of greenhouse gases in agriculture and the protection of the planet’s natural resources, Organic is key.

All in all, Organic is better for us and better for the planet as a whole. It really is a win-win.

More info @ Soil Association here…

A Selection Of Our Soil Association Certified Organic Goodies