Vogel Aesculus Drops 50ml

Vogel Aesculus Horse Chestnut Drops from Earthfare 50ml - helps maintain healthy veins
Vogel Aesculus Horse Chestnut Drops

Vogel Aesculus Horse Chestnut Drops from Earthfare 50ml - ONLY £10.50!

Extract of fresh Aesculus seeds (conkers)

Helps maintain healthy veins and good for tired heavy legs.

Aesculus fruit are familiar to many as conkers. They contain a valuable constituent called aescin which is useful for helping maintain the health of veins.

So the next time autumn comes round, remember that conkers deserve to be recognised for more than just being battered around by kids – they can also be used for those with tired, heavy legs.

Additional lifestyle tips:

  • Avoid staying on your feet for prolonged periods.
  • Try to put your feet up regularly to help reduce the aching.
  • Try regular gentle exercise.
  • If you smoke, try to cut down or stop altogether.

Directions for use: 20 drops twice a day immediately after meals, in a little water.

Maintenance: 20 drops once a day, in a little water.

Ingredients: tincture of fresh Aesculus hippocastanum (Horse Chestnut) seeds, extracted in alcohol (68%V/V).

Note: Not recommended for children. Please seek medical advice if pregnant.

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