Yogi Tea 'Choco Chili' Organic (17 Bags)

Yogi Tea Organic 'Choco Chili' from Earthfare (17 bags) - cocoa shells, chilli and cinnamon tea
Yogi Tea 'Choco Chili' Organic

Yogi Tea Organic 'Choco Chili' from Earthfare (17 bags).

Hot chocolate in Mexico today still tastes the same as when the Aztecs were around.

The Aztecs put hot spices into their hot chocolate drink which they treasured as "the drink of the gods".

With its rich chocolate taste, dash of chilli and plenty of warming cinnamon, YOGI TEA® Choco Chilli follows in this tradition: a wonderfully delicious and invigorating new YOGI TEA®.

Ingredients: cocoa shells*, cinnamon*, liquorice*, ginger*, black pepper*, carob*, anise*, chilli pepper*, barley malt*, cloves*, cardamom*, ginger oil*, vanilla extract*, vanilla beans*.
*certified organically grown.

Brand Yogi Tea
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